CardServ can take your cards either those prepared and printed by us or other suppliers and personalise, barcode, encode and process for you. 


CardServ holds over 1 million various customer cards ready for personalisation. Cards are produced and placed in factory ready for data to be compiled and sent via e-mail from clients. The job is then scheduled and the cards are personalised. Concurrently if mail or carriers are required they are also imaged ready for match and attach, fold and insert with the possibility for additional brochures and or inserts. CardServ does this for clients from 20 to 20,000 per run.  In most cases the turn around is 4 days after provision of the data. Ongoing management of components is completed through physical counts compared to back order reports from our accounts system. Clients are provided with e-mailed reminders to seek approval to replenish stock.

 This may be a short term process or a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly process. 


Our prices are excellent and prices range depending on smaller or larger quantities and frequency. 


Our ink jet processes especially for phone card production are also fully integrated with our scratch panel labelling capacity to ensure the quickest of turnaround and the  surety of all cards printed in order and no duplications. 


Ink Jet also has the benefit that we are able to print on non CR80 size cards at speed so if you want warranty cards, odd shaped cards or other we can produce it for you.